Walking With Forgiveness Luke 7:36-40

A Weeping Woman
We can imagine the effect this was having on Simon’s banquet. Keep in mind that Pharisees had nothing to do with women in public Remember the reputation that this woman had in the public eye.
Read Luke 7:39 again
As far as Simon was concerned, the facts only permitted two possible conclusions: Either Jesus did not know what kind of woman she was, or else He knew who she was and did not care.
A Simple Story Verses 40-43 This Simple story gets to the heart of the matter. Who has been forgiven little? Who in the story has been forgiven much?
Read Luke 7:44-50
How did Jesus’ host respond to His accusations? The Pharisee was perhaps speechless as Jesus explains the simple story and surely Simon understands that the story is about him.
This woman was now walking with forgiveness (verse 48). And like us today, forgiveness (grace) is a strong motivator to sin no more.
Personal Application:
Am I aware of the enormity of my sin?
Am I aware of the wonder of being forgiven of my sins?
Having been forgiven much, do I love much?
Has my love found expression?


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