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Simeon: Looking For Jesus Luke 2:25-35

The only things we are told about Simeon are those things which matter most to God—things which pertain to his faith and his character, things which tell us about his relationship with God.  We are told that Simeon was just and devout—he was a man who loved God deeply, so much so that God was able to use him in a wonderful way.

Read Luke 2:26, 27

Today, those who look for Jesus will find Him.

Simeon was waiting for something.  In fact, he had waited for a long time for this moment.  As Mary and Joseph came into the temple area, Simeon reached out and he took this baby Jesus in his arms, and he must have experienced that same feeling when grandparents have when they first hold that new grandchild.  There was such joy and excitement.  Then Simeon burst forth in praise to God because this wasn’t just any baby.

Read Luke 2:28-32

Notice: Matthew 13:45, 46 The pearl is so spectacular that the merchant realizes that nothing else really matters as long as he had that pearl and so he sold everything to obtain. It.  For Simeon, seeing Jesus was all that he wanted in life. With his own eyes and with his own arms he held the Messiah, to him, that was the Pearl of Great Price. Nothing else really mattered anymore.

Luke 2:34, 35

Simeon tells Joseph and Mary that Jesus’ life will involve as much pain as it will joy.  The sword that will pierce Mary will inch its way even deeper into her heart as Jesus experienced rejection that eventually ended at the cross.

Simeon’s words seek to prepare Mary for the grief she must suffer.

John 1:10-11

When God came to tell us the truth about our sinfulness and our need for Him, it wasn’t appreciated by everyone.  And so Simeon says that people will stumble over Him.  Many people would turn away from Jesus.

Simeon knew that God wanted to bless us, to save us, but that salvation would come at a great cost.  The salvation that God brought to us through the baby born in Bethlehem was going to cost the life of that child.  And unless the baby dies, there is no Joy for us.


The joy that Simeon experienced and shared with Mary and Joseph wasn’t just an excitement of holding a newborn baby.  It is a joy that is centered on knowing and believing that, in spite of who we are and what we do, there is a God who loves us and has sent His Son Jesus so that He could rescue us from our sins by dying for us on the cross.

That sword that pierced the soul of Mary resulted in the greatest joy that we can ever possibly know.